Season Six

I’ve loved Glee since episode one, season one, so it’s with a heavy heart that I look forward to the final season. I am disappointed with a lot of the choices the writers have made, and many of the storylines leave me bewildered, but…it’s Glee.

It’s Glee that first introduced me to the wonder that is Chris Colfer, it’s Glee who made me fall in love with Kurt Hummel and New Directions, and it’s Glee who showed me that sometimes the underdogs really do win.

So, for these reasons, I’m going to be recapping season six of Glee, right here. I write (and recap) for a living, but this project is just for me, as a tribute to the series that brought me so many friends, so much laughter, and so many tears. Oh, and Chris Colfer. Without Glee, who knows when I would have discovered him?

So, dear Gleeks, join me here every Friday for my recap of Glee. There will be forthright opinions and sarcasm, and mushiness and flailing. And, just for we Chris Colfer fans, a little something extra.

Because it’s the final season, because it’s almost over, and because it’s Glee.

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